Would You Like Digital Interaction With That?

Here is a really interesting piece of work for McDonald's by DDB Stockholm.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u0ij9D5S4Y?wmode=transparent]

Very cool idea and continues to set McDonald's as a leading dabbler in the digital space. 
However in my opinion, the most interesting element of this execution is the lack of friction for consumers.

Based on the sheer numbers of internet enabled smart phones and with no app to download, an idea like this allows for maximum interaction with a passing public. Add to this the simplistic nature of the Pong style game and your average fast food consumer is engaged with your brand in seconds.

Sure, it's a long loop back to walking instore and purchasing, but as a cheap toe-in-the-water outdoor advertising experiment, I'd say it's pretty successful.

The question is... If we can take web or mobile specific applications out of the equation, how far can we push this gamification?
If you're a major broadcaster, I hope you're thinking about how to adapt this idea into mainstream interaction with your shows... Along with all the other incredible possibilities!