NYC: City As A Platform

Each day I am required to dive deep into the digital environment and report back on what I find others are doing that may be of value to my clients. It's extremely rewarding work which I am deeply grateful to be say I enjoy more every single day.

The problem is, while I have been blessed with bosses who see great value in exploration, many others do not understand this at all. Often, they are the ones holding the purse strings and even more often holding up the projects.

The best work is done out the front by people who look like firebrands getting lucky, but who are in actual fact well rehearsed and very well practised.
The best work is done by those who base every decision on the fact that whatever they build will soon be used by real people.

In New York City, they didn't get a Chief Digital Officer because every other city had one.
They realised that people wanted government to be more transparent and accessible, and digital just happens to be the simplest and most cost effective method.

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via @SeanCallanan