take the long way home

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I think one of the hardest parts of preparing to ship one of your ideas out the door is trying to imagine where it may end up some day.
I also think that trying to predict the future will make you go crazy.

I chose Take The Long Way Home as the name for my blog for a ton of reasons, (Supertramp & Faithess to name a few) but the main reason was just to get started.

As someone who makes their living from coming up with ideas, I know the inherent difference between the ideas that get made and the ones that just die isn't about quality, it's about GRABBING A DAMN PENCIL AND WRITING THEM DOWN. I don't ever want my kids to miss out on some great lessons I'm able to pass on later in life just because my mind gets even feebler than it is already. We live in an age where the cost of me documenting and filing my life experience onto the web is exactly ZERO. Why wouldn't you just choose a name and get started before you forget that one really great thing you just thought of!?

Which leads me to the other reason I chose the name: I do my best thinking on long, meandering drives or walks (usually, but not always by myself) and if the only thing I have to offer is my creativity, then I believe it's my job to Take The Long Way Home as often as I can.

How do you remain accountable for things you want to achieve? 
I'd love to hear from anyone who has struggled to get started on a project, maybe you've even got some tips to share...