he who fails first, wins

Like so many people starting out in digital media, I've taken so long to get around to creating a personal blog I almost feel like I should write a whole separate blog explaining the process of getting started.

But as we are all quickly learning from gurus like Seth Godin & Gary Vaynerchuk from WineLibrary.tv, the point isn't to imagine, or discuss, or conceive... The point is to SHIP IT OUT THE DOOR.

Ship early, ship often.
She who fails first, walks away with the learnings and wins.

While I'm going to be writing why I think this is so exciting, I'm also going to be trying to use myself (and this blog) as a case study for all my thinking in this area. I'll be attempting to put my own spin on the brilliance of these, and of course many other luminaries in the social / digital / creative space, while I do my best to live the old adage "if I can do it, anybody can".

And of course, that's what this is all about. Me, translating what I see If you're still reading after somehow falling across my blog via any number of social network linkage system, you are probably wondering two things:

1) Who the hell is this guy?


2) Why on earth would anyone read his blog?

My name is Murray, and it's great to meet you.
I can't wait to show you all the reasons you should come back, but for now let me just say I'm grateful you've come this far with me and I can't wait to see where we go next.


Murray // @muzroyale