I've tried working 9-5 but honestly, that's not what you want me doing. I do my best work in short sharp bursts, usually focused on a specific project or deliverable.

Depending on the brief, I'm happy to work in your office or my own. I'm honest and I work my arse off, but if I'm not the right person for the job I usually know someone who is.

I do lots of different things but people usually hire me when they've identified an awesome opportunity and need some help bringing it to life.[

Here's what a few people have said about me.

"Murray has one thing you can't fake. Passion. He has the drive and spirit that comes from a man who has found work he loves. It's his rare type of "far-out" courageous - while remaining courteous and curious - which allows an altogether new light to shine on things for clients, colleagues and friends. He makes an excellent mentor, strategic partner and most importantly, with his truckload of entrepreneurial and digital expertise, is THE guy to bounce your "that's too crazy to work" ideas off"
BRYONY COLE Head of Community & Thought Leadership @ Yammer, Microsoft


"Murray is one of the most energetic and positive digital creatives I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He is extremely well versed in digital techniques and knows how to apply that knowledge to campaigns that capture the imagination. In the time we worked together Murray demonstrated enthusiasm for all facets of the digital communications landscape. Murray’s the type of person that makes coming to work worthwhile"
MARK CAMERON CEO @ Working Three


"Murray is the future. A year from now we will all catch up to what Murray is currently thinking and realise how switched on this guy really is.  I've have had the pleasure and the privilege to collaborate on several projects during our shared time at SCA and Murray is without a doubt one of the most fun people I have ever worked with. Murray is an insightful and exciting, forward thinker. His talent lays in his ability to approach a problem at almost any angle, often finding the one that everyone else probably missed. I expect to see Murray ruling the world within the next 10 years"
KIM LOASBY Creative Solutions Manager @ Austereo

Let's grab a coffee.

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