Why Bing might actually beat Google

It's easy to forget, but for a long time Google was a tiny fish in the ocean of search.

It was only through a single minded focus on developing a vastly superior product that they have grown into the impressive behemoth we are now so familiar with.

But with technology now hurtling us forwards through time, there are countless other companies with nothing to do but figure out how to match and / or beat the giants at their own game, is it possible that the so called straight-laced nerds over at Microsoft could ever win the search war?


Contrary to the image, it's probably less David v Goliath and more like Goliath v Godzilla, but you get the point... It's a huge amount of market share to fight over.

Let me outline what occurred to me this morning.

Microsoft's Bing search engine is now proudly marketing itself as 'the social search engine', by incorporating a social layer over it's search results, allowing users to compare 1.9 bazillion returned web pages to the 2 or 3 my Facebook friends have given a thumbs up to.

Now... If everybody is on Facebook, and nobody wants to join the Google + bandwagon, it is entirely conceivable that when Google decides to put all of its might and power behind changing search results with G+, people may end up going back to preferring a simpler Microsoft product offering because their strategy revolves around the mass adoption of Facebook.

Is that crazy?

Could a Facebook fuelled search experience knock over the king?

Or are Google smart enough to pull the plug on G+ if it doesn't soon hit the required tipping point? 

Of course, all of this thinking stems from the premise that people actually care what their friends think of their internet search results... But the futurist in me says this is a premise worth banking on.

That is of course, until Facebook release their own browser... With search fuelled by who?

That may just be the point at which Facebook users say 'one step too far, Zuck' and make the internet's equivalent of changing banks - changing their browser.

How do you see all this playing out...?