The good, the bad & the annoying

Why is it, when we do something really bad or stupid, we know right away and regret it but doing something good never seems to elicit a similar response?

I love to eat and drink, a lot.


When I eat too much, I know pretty much straight away, I recognise it was a stupid thing to do and make a lame promise to myself not to do it again (anytime soon).

But when I realise I'm about to make the same mistake and take the super brave step to push away the second plate of perfectly manicured nachos, I never get an equal and opposite rush of adrenaline.

My body isn't happy... It's annoyed at me for not testing it's limits!

Maybe I'm missing the chromosome that signals enough is enough. Or maybe I'm ignoring it out of habit. I actually have another theory that has been burying itself in my mind lately...

I wonder if it's the same entrepreneurial trait in me that always wants to push the outer limits of a new technology, or test how long I can get away without paying a bill before I get a fine or even how many businesses I can create and walk away from.

Lots of those traits are celebrated these days, they make for great stories. But I'm not sure I'm necessarily proud of any of them... They are who I am, and what makes me a damn good entrepreneur.

I just wonder, will they make me happy?