Hip-Hop goes meta with Yung Jake

Most people are now familar with the story of Justin Bieber's epic rise to superstardom via his early YouTube clips. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kffacxfA7G4?wmode=transparent]

(Currently sitting at over 700 Million views... No big deal)

If you've spent any time around young girls (or... ahem, work for Australia's number 1 hit music station) you may even be aware of the mind boggling statistics surrounding Simon Cowell's boy band creation One Direction.

(I've already posted a Bieber clip, I refuse to post a One Direction video orrite?)

Whatever your opinion on the music, these are two of the biggest acts on the planet. These lads probably get more female attention in a single hour than most men get in a lifetime. Bieber alone holds 3 of the top 10 YouTube clips OF ALL TIME.

How could this not be an appealing prospect to young people around the world?

These stats, and the world of social media fame has certainly caught the fancy of YouTube rapper Yung Jake.

In this haunting snapshot of 2012 digi-culture, Jake throws a shout out to the social universe, reeling off the technologies he aims to conquer... While embedded in the technologies he aims to conquer.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-7OhfoIews?wmode=transparent]

After trawling through the rest of Yung Jake's tracks, I was pleasantly surprised to learn he's not a one hit wonder. While the track ain't quite as bangin', and the subject matter may not neccessarily appeal to everyone, the musician cleverly and somewhat ironically rips through a Tumblr mashup of young girls wearing cut off jeans.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEmgEnz9KLM?wmode=transparent]

Is this the future of music?

Is YouTube the future of TV?

Can Yung Jake leverage any of this into a sustainable career in music... And more importantly, does that even exist anymore?

If I've learned anything by gazing into this murky pool of 'Yung' dreams, it's that while the next generation of up-and-comers will surely be more aware of all the technological tools at their disposal, it's still only those who are prepared to consistently work their butts off who will get their real shot at internet infamy.

Just because there are 10,000 new ways to get noticed, doesn't mean you can skip the 10,000 hours practise to become a genuine Outlier.

[ EDIT ]

Since posting this earlier today, I was contacted by Yung Jake who was felt I wasn't telling the whole story by not at least linking to the uber clever website he built to push the Embedded track.

I tried unsuccessfully to embed Embedd.ed, so here's the link.

After reading back over my last remarks, I realised Jake had good reason to be annoyed... It sounded like I was saying he wasn't working his butt off. This is exactly the opposite of my intention, I meant to point out to all the other kids trying to get rich hella quick - DO WHAT JAKE IS DOING.

Work hard, produce a ton, screw it up and learn on the fly. Then follow up with all the douchebag bloggers writing you up incorrectly.

It's the only real 'secret' to success!