Go Poll, Go

gopollgo Last night was about testing out blogging platforms, today it's about content.

More specifically, testing out a new beta site / app concept called GoPollGo. It's free in the iOS app store, and I've come over to paste the code I generated from a test poll, so let's see what happens.

<a href="http://gopollgo.com/will-this-test-poll-work-via-facebook" id="will-this-test-poll-work-via-facebook-placeholder">View poll on GoPollGo</a><script>var GPG = window.GPG = window.GPG || {};GPG.slug="will-this-test-poll-work-via-facebook";GPG.path="http://gopollgo.com";(function() {  var gs = document.createElement("script");  gs.type = "text/javascript";  gs.src = "http://c221023.r23.cf1.rackcdn.com/gpg_widget-89ae8ef8d8f611b350471738c71c81ca.js";  gs.defer = true;  var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];  s.parentNode.insertBefore(gs, s);})();</script>

You can check out the original web poll I generated here - that took about 10 seconds after downloading the app, which is super impressive. Kinda feels like the first time I used Instagram, instantly generating something that was once far more difficult in an attractive and more importantly dedicated app environment.

Why the term dedicated?

Do one thing really well and you are sure to develop a smaller, albeit passionate fan / user base. I would struggle to find a better illustration of this than Instagram... Even Coca Cola have Diet Coke!

/ / /

Update: The embed code didn't work and I'm not techy enough to go through it and figure out why not. It's probably something ridiculously obvious to anyone with a lick of dev experience but unless a website explains how and where a piece of code can be used, how could I know?

Overall, that's a small disappointment from an otherwise exciting new startup with a ton of promise.