Why I work in radio

My friends and colleagues in the digital realm often ask me why the hell I help develop ideas for 'outdated' broadcast technology like radio.

[ Full disclosure: I work here ]

Newsflash: I agree with them. I believe the future media landscape will be based around highly personalised and customisable delivery, which is the exact polar opposite of how broadcast operates.

But I think it's also important to note not everybody cares about personalisation. 


Not everybody spends as much time poring through vintage record stores or tweaking their iTunes Genius results as I do. And without question, vast swathes people prefer to have their musical and entertainment tastes dictated to them by entities they deem to be worthy decision makers.

Which brings me to my answer.

I work for Australia's largest commercial broadcaster for 2 reasons:

1. The culture here is excellent.
The people are great (even when they are pounding me with paintgun pellets, thanks very much Jules).


2. Broadcast technology gives me the opportunity to present my ideas to (literally) millions of people every single day.

I'm just going to revisit that second point in case you skipped over it.

Millions of people.
Over 90% of Australia.
Listening to, watching or interacting with our ideas.

You can say whatever you like about 'traditional media'.
You might even write an extended response, citing disappointment or annoyance at specific campaigns, talent or the industry in general.

But hopefully, you'll see that's beside the point. Because what we do here may not be your cup of tea... But it is the chosen brew of many others. And as a young creative trying to impart some positive & sustainable thinking into every brief that lands on my desk, that's the most exciting prospect imaginable.

I'd love to hear what makes you jump out of bed every morning!