Waiting for the wave

Well, this is it. After 4 manic weeks, my Kickstarter project is about to shared with a national audience on The Project tomorrow night. It's been such a crazy time I haven't written anything here for weeks, but I thought it was important to take a moment and document how it feels waiting for what might be a tidal wave or just a trickle.

One of my greatest regrets is being too afraid of the ocean to learn to surf.

My dad surfs, my brother has shifted his entire family from beach to beach and yet just thinking about paddling into a wave makes me feel physically sick. And that's exactly why I keep trying, year after year.

I don't know if anything will come of Pretty Rad For A Dad. What began as a joking idea for a tattoo, quickly morphed into a t-shirt then a website and now even a crowd funded documentary to be discussed on live television across Australia.

And I'd like to think after the responses we've gotten from all over the world during the past few weeks means we are absolutely doing the right thing at the right time. But would I have done anything about it if Kickstarter hadn't decided to launch in Australia this year?

Who knows. And honestly, who cares?

It's easy to sit on the beach and think about all the stuff that could go wrong. But I promised myself I'd be the kind of dad to encourage Angus to do anything he dreamed of, as long as he gives it 100%. And the only way he'll learn that is by watching me attempt to embody my own philosophy as best I can every day of his life.

Time to start paddling.