Tough as nails


With less than four days left until she's due to give birth, I spent a considerable amount of time today wondering if my wife had done some form of labour breathing practise I wasn't aware of.

I just posed her this question as we stood brushing our teeth at the bathroom mirror, to which she replied "Don't worry Muz, I nearly had an entire root canal without anaesthetic when I lived in Sydney... I reckon I can figure out the breathing thing".

Turns out she didn't feel like risking the nausea that sometimes accompanies the dental anaesthetic so decided to just hold the nurses hand and grit her teeth.

When the time comes, I only hope I can be half as tough as her.


[UPDATED]: She was even tougher than I imagined.

Thankfully she tells me "You were awesome too Muzza. I couldn't have been so tough without you holding my hand and yelling encouragement, even after 18 hours".