The ultimate irony

All throughout the pregnancy, much like I'm sure most first time parents do, Claire & I mused and hypothesised over which hilariously straight laced occupation our child would aspire to.

As the offspring of a total right brain advertising creative and a relaxed, mother earthy type massage therapist, we figured the ultimate irony would be to produce a litter of accountants or lawyers.


But with less than 24 hours until our baby is due and Claire's contractions hitting with increasing regularity overnight, it seems like something far more ironic may be about to occur: the newest member of our family actually arriving on time.

On time, incessantly late like Mum & Dad, thespian or dental hygienist... As long as he/she comes out safely and leaves my beautiful wife in one piece, we promise to love them wholeheartedly & unconditionally.


[UPDATED]: Oh irony of ironies, Angus is in the 5% of babies actually born on the due date. Of all the things we thought we'd learn while becoming parents, punctuality was not on the list!