Social media experiment so far...

Based on the hype surrounding recent social media 'explosions', I wanted to whip something up super quick then distribute to a minimal pre-existing network.


Because most people aren't trying to solve third world problems like this.
And most small business owners don't believe they can be funny like this guy .

But they can do what I just did, all day, every day with just an idea and an internet connection.

So how's it going so far?

Interesting, albeit minimal results so far.

I wasn't getting any traction via 'traditional social media channels' (ha!), which I figured would happen anyway. It's a badly designed image, and only has relevance to a specific audience ie. people who have fallen in love with Pinterest.

It's meant to be fun, and easy to share, something which Pinterest does UNBELIEVABLY well, as shown here by the first three hours of activity.


I have barely any followers on Pinterest so I didn't imagine it would go crazy, but I don't need to be a data whizkid to know 16 repins in 3 hours from only 28 followers is a solid return on the 10-15 mins I invested in this idea last night.

Importantly, I don't know a single person on the list above.

All this 'traffic' was 100% new, including a few new followers on Twitter, a direct result of 'pinning' this image onto a board I've called @muzroyale designs

I've just repinned the image myself to see if I can create another spike, but for a first attempt, I'm pretty happy.

Do you have any other suggestions for next time?