How to win at 'engagement'

Facebook have a series of numbers they use to value user engagement across their platform. While their algorithm (known as Edgerank - explained in depth here) is fairly complicated, the simplest way to explain it is the more clicks a piece of content receives, the more valuable Facebook believes it is, and the more likely it will be to show up in your Newsfeed.

Post a link and someone clicks on it, that's worth a point.

If someone else comments on that link, that's worth a few points.

Shares are worth even more.

So imagine if you could game the system and post content that was only viewable or 'unlocked' by people commenting or sharing it? That would mean Facebook's algorithm would think your page was the most valuable page on the internet!

I give you... Bear looking at dude on a rock.



Post a comment and the picture changes. Now everyone is clicking and 'commenting' on your brands brilliant, engaging content.

Unless of course... Gaming the 'audience engagement' element of social media defeats the entire purpose.

Yes, this made me visit the Nook Tablet Facebook page. Yes, I'm now slightly more aware of their brand (and so are you).

But does that make me more likely to purchase their product? Maybe not yet... But I'm intrigued to see what happens when you combine an idea like this that makes your page awareness BALLOON, with a clever comms strategy that actually helps deliver a great piece of information about a product or service.

What do you think?