Fork in the road

So much for blogging every day in March - here we are at day four and I'm already missing two days.


Everything I've learnt over the past few years tells me there are two ways to deal with this situation.

1. Look hard into my DNA, realise I'm not a writer or blogger and creating this form of regular communication is simply beyond me. Little ventured, little lost as it were.

2. Challenge myself to push through the resistance and create new, postive habits.

Both strategies make sense, logically.
Both take courage, in their own way.

Only one would make me a better person when I go to bed than when I woke up.


After a solid cost / benefit analysis, I remind myself that the stupidly small amount of time and effort required to document my thinking each day equates to a stupendous amount of joy (and social proof) in the long term. Great adventures are built through many small moments of conflict, and the decisions we make about whether or not to continue.

Seth talks about 'The Dip'.

Gary V just says 'man the hell up and get it done'.

After reading Brian Tracy's 'Eat That Frog' I've learnt the importance of the following things:

a) Think on paper
b) Turn every last activity into a task*
c) Assess that list of tasks daily, find my frog and eat it first

Funny to think that writing a short blog post may end up being my biggest, ugliest task but I guess that's the point, it's different for all of us. What comes naturally to some, is incredibly difficult to others.

I hope you enjoy your frog today, too.


* While there are so many great to-do apps and list creation tools, I'm currently in love with Teux Deux, created by @SwissMiss