Farewell Posterous

Earlier today, Twitter announced they have purchased Posterous 'for the talent, more than the product'.

Great news, if you're one of the 30 brilliant people who built the software I'm writing this blog post on right now. Terrible news if you're a Posterous fan like I am.

The only reason I finally started blogging on a regular basis was when I discovered this service which allowed me to simply write an email, as if to a friend, click send and Posterous would blog it all for me, YouTube links, images and all.

Ironically, I never use that feature anymore.

And while I love the minimalist design templates and easy to use interface, I think it's incredibly difficult for someone to subscribe to either of my blog feeds without signing up to Posterous itself.

This is all a pretty boring anecdote, right?

Until you start considering how many other digital habits you've formed.

Maybe it's an old email account you never deleted. It might be some websites you signed up to in 2008 and never manage to find the unsubscribe button. Or are you reading this thinking 'you know what, this post is so boring, I could do better myself!'

What one change could you implement right this second that would make the biggest difference to your daily digital life?

Learn about RSS feeds.
Start a blog.

Just don't start a Posterous.