5 reasons why timing is everything in social media

1. Be Prepared
The reason why some people are making a killing in social media (both for themselves and their clients) isn't necessarily because they are extraordinary business people, or even that they are super smart, although many are.

It's the same reason Malcolm Gladwell points out Bill Gates and the Beatles smashed their respective professions... They were curious & passionate. They got in early, practised hard and crushed it when the opportunities arose.

If you love something, it's NEVER too late.

2. It's all there in 1's and 0's

Many people are still struggling to understand why the social web is such a fundamental change to the way we connect.

It's simple, accountability. 

Years ago, it was nearly impossible to get your letter to the editor published, much less make a smash hit video clip about your disappointment in a product or service.

(I don't know if John Lennon would have been a big Twitter guy, but I'll bet he would have loved the universal power it gave his fans.) 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo?wmode=transparent]

These days, you can start a movement in just a few seconds.
Fortunately, so can your customers.

3. Read All About It
Newspapers still get the scoop, but if it's not delivered until the next day, what's the point? 
Sure, we used to allow for some time lag but the reason so many journalists are all over Twitter is to make sure their name is attached to their hard work.

That could be you. If you're the first to write about something, people will pay attention.


4. No Comment
The moment you click submit, your content is both public and permanent. It also starts something just as powerful... The clock.

If I am first on the scene to a great article and I leave a response, it's as permanent as the timecode attached to it. Blog comments have the potential to dramatically improve or remove the author's credibility for future readers, but just like real life, the sooner we take responsibility for our inevitable mistakes, the easier they are to forgive.

Basically, the sooner and more personal the response, the better.

From the millions of examples out there, this is one I really love that you may not have heard about. Instead of a multinational corporation bleating about they are 'rushing to integrate social media into their customer service structure' (so why haven't you been listening before last week?) I love how this theatre review could be saved from disintegrating into a hellish bloodbath by the appearance of first it's author, and then playwright, for whose head the masses were screaming for.

For having the courage to openly discuss your creative output with those choosing to tear it down, David Williamson please take a bow.

5. Dawning Of A New Age
Right now, there exists an opportunity that only comes along once in a generation. I'm not talking about just social media, I'm talking about the world of digital in general.

What are you doing RIGHT NOW to capitalise on the potential of zero cost bandwidth? Of streaming media and mobile connectivity?

The new web will be won by those with the courage to see beyond the 90 day cycle of campaigns and contests.
The new web is a place where scale can be reached by anyone, at any time - FOR ANY REASON.

The low cost of entry for content producers means the next blockbuster could come from anywhere.
And with the power of social media... I'm hoping to find it first.