The only PRISM I care about

The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. Instead of changing their views to fit the facts, they try to change the facts to fit their views - Kim Dotcom

Recent revelations about Project PRISM surveillance in the US has made many people start to appreciate the importance of online transparency.

So I figured it was time to be open and honest with you.


The only PRISM we should all be talking about.

We are all on the internet, pretty much all day everyday, so you need to know who is recording your activities and what they are doing with that information.

Lots of organisations value your data and many are willing to educate and even offer highly valuable services in return for that information. Whether or not you're open to those offers is entirely up to you, but one thing we can and damn well should agree on is that right now, your only option for complete privacy is to not access the internet at all.

One person who I believe is attempting to fix this is the infamous Kim Dotcom. While far from perfect, he appears to be confidently pursuing a future where;

a) The internet is everywhere and b) Your information is your own

This is a future I passionately believe in too. Afterall, does this seem an appropriate response for a very rich, very fat nerd with a few kids?


I'm doing my best to help build that vision by learning everything I possibly can about how the use of digital marketing and online tools affect our lives and by writing this blog to connect with like-minded people like you.

So if, like me, you appreciate humour, humility and honesty... Say g'day and let's start learning from one another.

Thanks for your time.

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