You win this round, Microsoft

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but Apple haven't said much for a little while now. That's because they are hard at work trying to perfect the next big product launch which they hope will be even bigger than the disruption caused by the iPhone.

It might be a TV or it might be a new form of wearable tech, but you can be sure that proud giant of innovation is far from finished.


In the meantime however, other tech companies are using Apple's deafening silence to great effect.

There have been some brilliant examples from Samsung and even Blackberry took a few clever shots, but nothing even comes close to this new tablet spot from Microsoft.

Think about it. That ad has been nearly ten years in the making.

I'm a PC.

And I'm a Mac.

And now, we're making you sound like a pompous douchebag.


Only a fool would argue that Apple are incapable of industry wide disruption all over again (albeit under very different conditions than 2007!), but this round definitely goes to the cheeky nerds at Microsoft.