From Burberry, with a kiss

I want to tell you how good this is. I want to tell you it was the best execution of a simple idea I've seen in ages.

But when a company as big as Burberry signs on to become a partner in Google's Art, Copy & Code program, and produces a case study video as slick as this, you would expect engaging with this idea to be as simple as clicking here

But as a long time Chrome user (and advocate), I was deeply disappointed that this microsite simply kept asking me to 'Download Chrome' or update to the latest version, which I assure you I'm running.


So yeah, check it out. It's probably awesome, especially if your lover lives elsewhere and you have $2400 to throw away on figure hugging trenchcoats.

But this is the first time in a long time Google have let me down bigtime on UX... And a cautious reminder to my fellow digital marketers: We live and die by first impressions.

Kisses Muz