Exploring the future of video

Ever wished you could climb into your favourite book or truly go behind the scenes of an epic film?


Do you scour online shopping sites for a bargain, only to be somewhat underwhelmed by the overall user experience or lack of product interaction?

The future heard you, and it whispered to the team @ Berg, London.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/38161223 w=500&h=281]

If you're having a tough Monday and can't quite see beyond the luxury watch demo, let me help you see another 10% of this rainbow coloured iceberg.

People don't go shopping to stand in bleak, clockless malls or eat bleak, tasteless meals in the food court. They go shopping to touch stuff. Now they can.

Not everyone learns the same way. Some people need a lot of time to consider an idea, or an object before they can truly lock it away. With technology like this, time (at least in the linear sense) is no longer an issue.

Contraptions like the utterly brilliant Galileo allow people to interact with one another better by creating an 'add-on' to existing tech.

What Berg are toying with here is something far more fundamental to how we understand and appreciate media.

Why listen to radio when you can program it yourself on Spotify?

Why read a magazine when you can zoom in and hover around your favourite celebrities birthmark?

Why wait for a video to play out, when you can become the director?

Exciting stuff.