Experiments in distribution

It's often been said that we are the average of those around us.

As a super nerd focused on building a strong family at home and great company at Myriad, I realised that in order to lead, I must learn to connect and learn from those with much more experience.

With that in mind, I've spent more and more time deep diving into my favourite topics (like design thinking, technology, storytelling, minimalism and the future of families) on Medium.com, surrounding myself with the smartest people I can find. Many of these brilliant people have opinions I passionately disagree with, but there's few things I enjoy more than reframing an idea, whether in my own mind or that of someone else's.

So while I will continue sporadically writing on this blog, I thought it was worth adding a link to my profile on Medium as well, in case you want to not only read what I write, but more importantly be exposed to the stuff I comment on or follow - which is bound to be far more intellectually stimulating than anything I can come up with :)

PS. It's also an amazing opportunity to have your thoughts found and distributed by millions of interesting people, so I highly recommend you sign up and start writing.