It's time to learn to love the burn

Footy field of nightmares

Footy field of nightmares

I'm an entrepreneur.

That's not just some cool buzzword I use to describe myself at the moment... It's every bit a part of me as listening to Pink Floyd when I'm feeling lonely or using Helvetica on the first version of every design.

As an entrepreneur, all I see are green lights and shortcuts, waiting to be taken.

I do the best I can to learn the rules and play the game, but all I'm ever thinking is 'how could this be done better, faster or just with fewer steps.

Sadly, jogging around the football track today, I realised it's probably this shortcut attitude which has kept me from reaching my physical potential. Which is a polite way of saying 'I'm fat, and I blame my brain'.

For all the clever ways I've concocted to lose weight or trick myself into suddenly enjoying exercise, there are no shortcuts when it comes to courage.

Two laps. One walking, one jogging

Two laps. One walking, one jogging

Sure, maybe you can hack your body like Tim Ferriss or even figure out exercise you love doing, but when I checked the daily step count on my iPhone today, I realised I had dramatically increased my weekly average by doing a solitary hour kicking the ball and running around with my wife and son.

Terrifying, yes. 

Motivating? I sure hope so. 

I've been here before. But I sure as hell don't plan on letting my kids grow up without a dad fit or fast enough to keep up.