Share something small, every day

About a year ago, my friend Josh Janssen gave me a copy of this book by Austin Kleon.

I struggle with a lot of these, but none more so than #3.

Not because I don't like sharing, but because I am so incredibly inconsistent with my writing.

I think, I speak and often I even present my work for a large audience, but very rarely do I feel comfortable spending time documenting my ideas here in a simple blog format.

That changes right here, right now.

As of today, I am committing myself to sharing something small on this blog, every single day.

I will forget.
I will hate myself for not having something amazing to say.
I will dread the deadline.
I already regret the decision.

But if there's one thing I've learnt in 13+ years as a freelance designer / strategist / digital marketer, it's the value of self created, imaginary deadlines.

In the ambiguous world of late morning catchups in the 'Coffice' and endlessly searching for the unicorns of social media content, very few things have got me moving, creating, building, shipping or making mistakes and learning from them like convincing myself someone I respect needs to see my work by a certain date or time.

So whether you care or not, I've decided to see what happens when I extract and document more of what goes on inside my head.

Let's see how long I can last.