That Startup Show launch trailer

As many of you know, I was lucky enough to be invited to pitch on a live tv show last year.

After months of waiting, I'm excited to say that show is nearly ready to see the light of day, not just on YouTube as was originally planned, but part of a simultaneous global launch on a platform with more than 150MM users.

Of course, this isn't exactly the first show on the topic.

There's HBO's cult hit Silicon Valley, Mark Cuban's Shark Tank, another YouTube Startup show (below) and even the super meta idea of a podcast about starting a business about making podcasts by one of the founding members of This American Life, called (funnily enough) Startup.

But what I really loved about being part of this show was the incredible relationships that have been developed in and around it.

There's the powerhouse production team of Anna, Sally & Ahmed. Not to mention the army of passionate volunteers and crew.

But beyond those who built the foundation, I was fortunate enough to experience a powerful sense of camaraderie among my fellow pitch contestants and even the judges. There was simply no need to tear anyone else down just for ratings, because hey - when you're a startup tv show, you have no ratings and therefore nothing to lose!

And finally, I just wanted to draw attention to one of the under appreciated comedic talents Australia has ever produced - Dan Ilic.

Ever since getting a kick start on Andrew Denton's Hungry Beast project, Dan has been pumping out brilliant content, both in front of the camera and behind. His jokes are smart, but approachable, in just the same way Jon Stewart's generosity shines through even his most bristling tirades.

Sadly (for Australia) Dan has since moved to San Francisco and is living out a dream gig writing satirical comedy for Al Jazeera+. As this piece shows, I think he's still finding his feet with a new team and global network, but from what I've seen throughout his work on That Startup Show, Dan will totally own this opportunity in time.

Thanks again to the whole team for making it such an easy and enjoyable process. Can't wait to see the final product on April 22.