Sleep like a genius

An illustrated guide to the sleeping habits of 27 of humanity's brightest minds.

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Based on a book by Mason Currey titled Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, this infographic by New York magazine pretty quickly debunks the myth that you need to stay up all night to achieve true 'artist' status.

Funnily enough, as a reformed insomniac and acute sleep apnoea sufferer, it kinda bummed me out to see how many of these extraordinary minds actually got a ton of sleep.

And then you see old mate F. Scott Fitzgerald, partying his arse off and sleeping til 11am most days. 

If that guy can write The Great Gatsby and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on the same hours my brain seems to be most fired up, I'm happy to settle for that.

Now I just need to convince my 2 year old to let me sleep in...