Secrets of the Superdads

As many of you know, late last year I launched a project around the subject of modern fatherhood.

Since then, Pretty Rad For A Dad has made a series of sweeping turns, or (as they are known in the startup world) 'pivots'. Here's a very brief list of things we've argued about;

  • Crowdfunding reward delivery & logistics

  • Name changes

  • Partnership & collaboration decisions

  • Webseries > Documentary > Website > App > TV Show > Blog > ?

  • Business models and strategic decisions

  • Commercial vs Not For Profit

  • Local or international focus

  • Launch big or starting small and failing fast

Many of these changes were made thanks to the surprising popularity (and subsequent media coverage) of the project. Many more were made to accommodate the various priorities of the brilliant team which sprang up to help bring the whole thing to life.

Most people following the project know the team consists of my high school buddies Nick Butera & Rhys Price-Robertson. Not many people realise there is also a fourth member of the team in Cameron Hooke, one of the smartest people I've ever had the good fortune of working with.

But as this project has unfolded, we've each become progressively aware of our skill set, both as a team and individually. As Nick recently wrote on the Pretty Rad blog; 

"When we first kicked off this venture we spent too much time always trying to get everyone’s full buy-in on each decision, which was usually slow and frustrating. 

When you’re working with your mates and you don’t do your work on time, it can be hard to pull each other up. It’s easy to feel uncomfortable saying to your friend – you’ve let us down"

We've all felt it... But as a fairly emotional guy, I've been particularly aware of the giant shifts taking place within and beyond our little group. 

Take the supercharged excitement of launching a new project to wide acclaim, mixed with the terrifying prospect of zero income for a significant portion of time, not to mention an enormous sense of duty to the myriad of supporters and you've got a potent cocktail of stress and anxiety, capable of affecting almost every decision and aspect of your life.

Yes, it's exciting.

And yes, as an entrepreneur and self-confessed 'epiphany addict' I live for moments like these. 

But as I've come to understand more deeply over the past 6 months than ever before, my life is no longer mine only to live.

I am merely the support act for my wife & son, and I'm grateful for the gig.

So it's with all this in mind that I've decided to distance myself from the team... But only slightly.

I've decided to take some sage advice and 'focus on what I can control'.

I’m absolutely gutted… But I know this is the right decision for everyone. The boys made it clear they have a deeply held view on where this project is heading and I’m sad to say it’s a long way from where I initially wanted to take it.

So for now, it’s goodbye Pretty Rad for a Dad and hello Dads.Co