Killing me loudly

There are a lot of reasons why I never felt comfortable working in the area of social media.

For a long time, the most powerful reason was the same dichotomy that makes it so difficult for many of us working at the bleeding edge of digital... Namely, that the simplest way to get paid for your work is to announce yourself as some kind of expert, when in actual fact most of the technology I deal with on a daily basis is so experimental that even the people responsible for creating it would sound ridiculous to call themselves 'experts'.

But as awareness grew around the power of shareable media, something else began to eat away at me.

I had this sense that something terrible was about to happen, and I had to get as far away from social media as I possibly could before it drowned us all in a tsunami of stupidity.

Well... The storm finally hit this week.

This is what happens when the entire world follows the digital directives of 2 or 3 technology behemoths. This is what it sounds like when over a billion people agree to reduce the spectrum of our lives to a giant, heaving mass of 'likes' and 'retweets'.

As the 'hip-hop breakdown' points out, this performance was intended to highlight how far many social media practitioners have strayed from the original point.

"Social is about the people, remember? We are people"

That may be true, but when people are forced to deliver against measurable KPI's, created by managers whose basic understanding of technology extends as far as their four walled cubicle, of course we will continue to see crappy content and like baiting in our newsfeeds.

And that's exactly why I'm looking forward to whatever comes after Facebook.