Up in the air

As my trip to the US slowly draws to a close, I'm becoming more mindful of how far removed from my normal life I've already become.

Long hours working til late at night, mixed with super fun parties from Austin to Manhattan are not exactly my every day.

But by far the biggest element is the constant, nagging sense that every few days, I need to be ready to pack my bags and head to yet another airport for another series of shake downs and and shoe removals. It's almost unbearably close, from the moment I touch down in a new city, to the minute I'm calling the cab, I can almost hear the frustration from the TSA team, or the jerk next to me loudly complaining that 'every other airline carries his local beer, so why doesn't this one!?'.

My only hope is that we can solve these problems in my lifetime... I would love to live long enough to 3D print myself somewhere without needing to wait beside a luggage carousel, only to be ushered into yet another line full of angry people unable to appreciate the complexity and scope of the system they're participating in.