Can it be done?

Last week, I got together with a very smart friend and listed all the ideas we had in our heads, on napkins and anywhere else these things often get recorded. murraygalbraith_ideasboard

We drew a rough table, mapping each of them against a series of metrics we made up on the spot like how much money we thought it could make in the future vs how much we believed it would cost. We discussed whether we were the right people to build it and of course the 'Ferriss Factor', which we articulated as Caribbean Lifestyle... Could any of the ideas be built and or managed from a laptop while sitting by the beach anywhere in the world?

Each of the ideas were then given a ballpark score out of ten against each criteria, giving us a simple but superfast way of comparing them against one another.

I'll probably write about the other ideas at some stage, but we very quickly realised if our objective was to test our capabilities and have a bit of fun while shipping an idea out the door, there was no bigger opportunity than attempting to build and rollout something ahead of the looming Australian election.

Can it be done?

Can it be done?

Maybe, maybe not. But if the point is learning about the process and failing fast... We are already winning.

More updates to come...