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Blue Frontiers

In partnership with the Seasteading Institute. the French Polynesian Government and myriad others, I am collaborating with a global team to develop the audacious vision for the world’s first 'floating island'.

Ummmm... wtf?

Seasteaders are a diverse global team of marine biologists, nautical engineers, aquaculture farmers, maritime attorneys, medical researchers, security personnel, investors, environmentalists, and artists. We are building seasteads to host profitable aquaculture farms, floating healthcare, medical research islands, and sustainable energy powerhouses. Our goal is to maximize entrepreneurial freedom to create blue jobs and welcome anyone to the Next New World.

The Seasteaders are credentialed, qualified, pragmatic idealists. applying hard economics, evolutionary principles, and business savvy in order to create the first nations not to aggress against any people. Over a thousand people have donated to the Institute, and hundreds have volunteered their expertise.

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The Seasteading Institute